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5 kg Gypsolep Adhesive

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5 kg Gypsolep Adhesive -Ready to use Gypsum based adhesive designed for interior Stone applications. 


GYPSOLEP is an adhesive designed for sticking gypsum tiles and other gypsum cladding in enclosed spaces. It is characterized by very good adhesion, forming a durable weld. Especially recommended for gluing interior gypsum based decorative Stone tiles.

Wall Preparation:

GYPSOLEP can be used on any stable substrate such as: concrete, brick, silicate blocks, cement blocks, drywall and cement and gypsum plaster. The substrate must be clean, dry and primed with an appropriate primer.
For smooth surfaces, they must be matted and thoroughly cleaned of any dust.

Product Preparation:

Gypsolep should be mixed in a clean bucket. Pour the mix into the water ( 5kg. of the powder per 1.6-1.9 ltr. of water) and mix throughly by hand or with the help of a stirrer. After 2 minutes mix again. Mixed adhesive should be used within 45 minutes.
Apply the adhesive with a notched trowel over the entire surface of the tile (approx. 5 mm thick) and, pressing the tile against the wall, remove excess glue so that it does not interfere with grouting. Correction can be made up to 2 minutes after sticking. The adhesive acquires full strength after complete drying.

Capacity: up to 3 m2 from the package
Mixing time approx. 2 min.
Mixing ratio: 1.6 – 1.9 l of water per 5kg of glue.
Ambient and ground temperature during work: +5°C – 25°C.
Wear time after mixing with water: up to 45 min.
Pre-setting time: 8 hours
Total setting time: min. 5 days.

The adhesive is NOT frost-resistant and waterproof.


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