5 ltr. Sealant for Gypsum Panels

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Surface Sealant - Ready to use, enhancing colour, protecting surface from dirt and dust. Also sealing surface making it fully water proof.

Impregnant / Sealant for Gypsum Based Decorative Stone Cladding Panels.

When applied enhansing colour and helping in keeping decorated wall in clean condition.

5 ltr container coverage area : 20 - 25 square meters

Product ready to use - just spray onto your new wall.


Product Note Status Price
Adhesive - for Gypsum based Stone Panels Adhesive - for Gypsum based Stone Panels
£18.00 / pack(s) *
Mapei Rapid Set Adhesive Mapei Rapid Set Adhesive
£29.00 / pack(s) *
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