1 lt. Impregnate for Cement based Panels

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Surface Sealant - Ready to use, enhancing colour, protecting surface from dirt and dust. Also sealing surface making it fully water proof.

Impregnant / Sealant for Cement/Concrete  Based Decorative Stone Cladding Panels.

When applied enhansing colour and helping in keeping decorated wall in clean condition.

Prevents dump ingress and sealing tiles surface making them frost and waterproof.

1 ltr bottle coverage area :3-6 square meters


Product Note Status Price
Adhesive - for Gypsum based Stone Panels Adhesive - for Gypsum based Stone Panels
£18.00 / pack(s) *
Mapei Rapid Set Adhesive Mapei Rapid Set Adhesive
£29.00 / pack(s) *
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