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Decorative Stone Cladding, Split Face Stone Panels

Amaro Almond - Ideal to decorate interiors. Appearance of natural stone wall with convienience of easy and fast installation.

You can create stylish feature wall that will add truly "WOW effect " to any internal renovation or decoration project. Our cast Stone Cladding and Brick Cladding are made from high grade gypsum or cement and are an exciting and induvidual design choice. Our products  are available in split face, stacked Stone or brick cladding effect panel ranges. 

A truly modern and innovative way to bring a natural stone, wood, brick effect feature wall into your home or bussiness. 

The new version of the Silo stone is a meticulous combination of natural beauty and universal aesthetics, which perfectly highlights the style of spacious and modern rooms. The fragments of the stone seems to be carelessly arranged, however, the whole creates  a well-thought-out and systematic concept. The smooth and, at the same time, irregular texture of the stone in the trendiest light colours guaranteeing relax, calmness and ambience. The Silo stone is a compact composition, which perfectly fits into large, spacious living rooms, creating the pleasant and warm atmosphere of a domestic interior.

Product is sold per box -  £ 14.70 (incl.VAT)

1 box covers 0.47 m2

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Take a look onto our Stone Cladding products, Brick slips, Interior Stone cladding and Brick Cladding. Demand for high quality, light weight stone feature wall products, stacked stone fireplace, Split Face Stone, stone fireplace, and also brick slips products is constantly growing.  

Our experience allowed us to know and understand the needs of our customers and most importantly, meet them. Our Stacked Stone, artificial stone wall panels are made from high grade materials and are an exciting and individual design choice.  They are available in split face stone, brick cladding and Brick Slips effect panel ranges. Our products are a truly modern and innovative way to bring a natural stone or Brick Cladding effect feature wall into your home or business.

You can create stylish interior or exterior stone feature wall, Stone Fireplace that will add depth and contrast to any internal or external project. Especially in areas that would benefit from both a classic or contemporary alteration. Our panels are precast products that replicate the look and feel of natural stone, Brick cladding, Stacked Stone, Brick Slips.  The manufacturing process doesn’t involve quarrying natural stone. Therefore, we reduce impact on the environment. Our Stone Cladding panels, Brick Slips or Stacked Stone panels will assist in the creation of captivating designs, Stone feature wall owing to the individual character of their colour, pattern and form.


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Adhesive - for Gypsum based Stone Panels Adhesive - for Gypsum based Stone Panels
£18.00 / pack(s) *
1 ltr. Impregnant for Gypsum Panels 1 ltr. Impregnant for Gypsum Panels
£11.10 / bottle(s) *
5 ltr. Sealant for Gypsum Panels 5 ltr. Sealant for Gypsum Panels
£29.50 / bottle(s) *
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