Urban Brick Beige

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Brick Slips, Brick cladding & Brick Veneer for External use

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Brick slips are primarily used for their aesthetic appeal, as they offer a quick and practical alternative to traditional brick tiles. On top of these our Premium Brick Slips and Brick Cladding products are fast and easy to install as they do not require pointing. Each Brick slip tile is manufactured with colour matching grout / pointing mortar so laying them is easy and not require professional skills. You can now have a brick veneer, brick cladding finish on your walls – indoors and outdoors. If you are looking to transform your internal or external walls and are looking for a cost-effective alternative, pre-cast brick slips, brick cladding, brick tiles are the perfect solution. Pre-cast brick slips, brick veneer can turn interior or exterior wall into a beautiful, rustic, and authentic look.  The popularity of brick slips has significantly increased in recent years, especially since they are so versatile and easy to fit. With modern homes being built with rough brick facing on the outside, that same look can now be created inside, at a fraction of the cost. With so many options to choose from, pre-cast brick slips, brick slip tiles can truly be used almost anywhere in the home – including popular rooms like kitchen and bathroom. Whether you want to add some flair to your bedroom, living room or bathroom, brick slips, brick cladding are the perfect solution.



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1 lt. Impregnate for Cement based Panels 1 lt. Impregnate for Cement based Panels
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5 l.Impregnate for Cement based Panels 5 l.Impregnate for Cement based Panels
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Mapei Rapid Set Adhesive Mapei Rapid Set Adhesive
£29.00 / pack(s) *
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