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Spit Face Wood, 3 D effect, natural wood Wall decor panels, Wooden Wall cladding.

Our Split Face Wood panels, wooden panels, wooden wall panels are made of the highest quality pieces of wood cut into spatial squares and rectangles, creating a surprising and unique visual effect. The offer includes several color variants. From various shades of homogeneous, natural wood to multi-colored, wiped surfaces with a mosaic character. The uniqueness of each 3 D effect Wood panel results from the unique structure of the recovered or regenerated wood. Our wooden panels It is a unique product with a unique character that will appeal to everyone who is looking for the beauty of refined simplicity and warmth of natural wood. Due to their natural character, wooden panels have always been associated with warmth and a cozy atmosphere. Painted or dyed in pastel colors (White Rustic), nothing loses this unique atmosphere, because the consistency of the paint guarantees a cozy and charming atmosphere. Split Face, Wooden wall panels made of solid wood will perfectly warm any space, even more if they become an interesting and extremely original bathroom decoration. They can also be successfully installed in other rooms, experiment with both the interior design and the arrangement of furniture and other items, with which the panels will surely harmonize perfectly. Wooden, Split Face, wall panels are a very fresh interior design proposal that is only just building its popularity. It is a modern solution that allows you to introduce a unique and cozy atmosphere quickly and easily into the interior areas. The uniqueness of each module results from the unique structure of the wood used. Our offer includes both smooth, varnished oak and old, natural coniferous wood reclaimed from old building demolition, which we have given a second life. Thanks to this, each fragment is unique and have its own character with original, unique sign of time and it is impossible to create two identical compositions. Our Split Face Wood Cladding panels are a unique product that will appeal to everyone who is guided by beauty contained in refined simplicity. If you are looking for an original and extraordinary interior arrangement – P&A Home Mate Ltd.  panels are the perfect solution for you!

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