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New Luxury Stone Cladding, Interior Stacked Stone panels

MALACHITE  is  ideal to decorate internal walls. Natural Sliced Stone Panels are actual real Stone that has been scraped of the rock face and applied to the self adhesive backing sheet. 

The products are made in the form of an extremely thin elastic panel (<5 mm thick), covered on one side with natural stone, and on the other with an extremely strong adhesive tape. In this way, no additional glue needs to be used during assembly – just remove the protective film, apply the panel in the designated place and hold it for a few seconds.

Thanks to the low thickness, the product also does not "take" space from the room – so valuable in small and narrow rooms – while maintaining a low weight (3 kg / m2).

What's more, the panel has a large format (600 x 150 mm), allowing even faster assembly. MALACHITE and ROSSO can also be easily used on rounded surfaces (e.g. columns).

Product is sold per box -  £29.90 (incl.VAT)

1 box covers 0.45  square meter

Installation Guide below :   Panels Can be cut with shears, knife, or a wood chisel. It si also possile to drill holes ( for example to run electrical cables through. 

To stick panels to the wall:  gently remove the protective layer from the back of each panel , place the panel evenly in targeted location and push firmly on its entire surface. 




Product Note Status Price
1 lt. Impregnate for Cement based Panels 1 lt. Impregnate for Cement based Panels
£12.30 / bottle(s) *
1 ltr. Stone Shine 1 ltr. Stone Shine
£14.10 / bottle(s) *
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