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Exterior Stone cladding, Stacked Stone & split face stone tiles. 

External Stone cladding, Exterior Stone Cladding or Brick Slips is the use of a thin layer of stone that’s commonly applied to the exterior of a building or structure to achieve a textured appearance. Exterior Stone cladding, Stone Wall cladding helps give the impression that the building walls are made up entirely of stone. Split Face Stone or Stacked Stone is often used as a cost effective and fast fitting solution to create beautiful Stone facade or enhance a garden space. Stone Veneer or Brick slip tiles are the ideal products for Stone facing walling projects that require the appearance of natural stacked stone or brickwork. As well as looking good and natural Exterior Stone Cladding provides a practical and affordable addition to your garden. Whatever the style of your home, you will often require external walling to define some areas, confine others or make a barrier for privacy. Our stone wall cladding, and Stone facade products can help you design and build an outdoor space that caters for your every need. Stacked Stone & Stone cladding enhances the look of existing and new buildings. Ideal for new build situations offering cost savings against the full-thickness stone. Most of our Exterior Stone Cladding, Stacked Stone finishes can be constructed at the cost of a typical render finish. Stone Cladding is a decorative building material that is used to cover the exterior or interior Wall of a structure. It is a thin layer of Natural or Manufactured Stone that is applied to a building's surface using a cement-based adhesives. Stone cladding can be made from a variety of materials, including Granite, Limestone, Sandstone, and Engineered Stone. It can be used to enhance the aesthetics of a building, provide additional Wall Insulation, and improve its overall energy efficiency. The natural beauty and durability of Stone Cladding makes it a popular choice for both residential and commercial buildings.


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1 lt. Impregnate for Cement based Panels 1 lt. Impregnate for Cement based Panels
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5 l.Impregnate for Cement based Panels 5 l.Impregnate for Cement based Panels
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Mapei Rapid Set Adhesive Mapei Rapid Set Adhesive
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Grenada Volcanic Grenada Volcanic
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Sample Grenada Volcanic Sample Grenada Volcanic
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Grenada Volcanic
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