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Bio fireplaces – Best choice to bring safe and warm fires to your Home.

Bio fireplace imitating a traditional fireplace with an open fire, characteristic for the English style of interior design.

The casing of the biofireplaces was made entirely of steel, and all of its elements were covered with high temperature resistance and mechanical damage resistant powder coating.

The innovative construction of the biofuel container guarantees the safety of its use, as well as ensures uniform biofuel combustion. Moreover, the biofireplace has been equipped with a glass separating the furnace from the room, which further increases the safety of its use.

This type of bio-fireplace is often chosen for spacious rooms, in which different areas are connected, eg a living room with a dining room. Thanks to its construction it does not require complicated installation or connection to the chimney. It is easy to install and intuitive to use.


Bio-fireplace equipment (standard):

- Biofuel container: an absorbent placed in a biocontainer ensures the safe use of the biofireplace and excludes the risk of spillage of fuel, even in the event of a container overturning. The container for biofuel made of stainless steel. (NOTE: 50% of the capacity of the biocontainer can be poured into the container at the same time.) The greater amount of liquid will cause the liquid to spill over after leaning the biofireplace.)
- Hardened glass; 
- Window support; 
- Adjustable handle for the container.


Mounting method:

Free-standing, does not require assembly, It can be placed anywhere.




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Biofireplace - Fuel Biofireplace - Fuel
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Birch Splints - Biofireplace Birch Splints - Biofireplace
£55.50 / set(s) *
Glow Flames - Biofireplace Glow Flames - Biofireplace
£34.99 / set(s) *
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