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Ceramic splints for bio-fireplaces are an excellent decoration, both for hanging and standing bio-fireplaces. Their appearance imitates various types of trees, in this case birch. They are resistant to high temperatures because they are present near a bio-fireplace, close to fire.

Decorative elements should not block the burner. Placing decorations in flames can affect the formation of soot. Do not touch the decoration until it cooled down, at least 30 minutes after switching off the burner. For safety reasons, do not use any decorative materials other than the adapted accessories.

The set contains 5 items.


- length: 180-220 mm

- width: 30-50 mm.


Biofireplaces – Best choice to bring safe and warm fires to your Home.

All our biofireplace ranges are manufactured from the highest quality materials. This includes : wall hung biofireplaces, free standing fireplaces.  

Biofireplaces are a great alternative to solid fuel or gas. Bio ethanol fires have the advantage and unique combination of  real flames and minimal maintenance. They are also limitless as they are easy to install , safe, do not require connection to the chimney and are easy to use. They can be placed both in big open areas oan small flatts or offices. Biofireplaces are best solution for any interior design. The wide range of products oenables to use it in the most design ideas.

All our Biofireplaces are TÜV certified. The TUV mark is a proof of high quality and confirmation that the device meets obligatory safety requirements. In addition, the certificate of conformity TÜV guarantees that the manufacturing processes of the product is monitored by experts of TÜV Rheinnland Poland and devices are executed at the highest technical level.

Biofireplace with TÜV certified safe biocontainer.. A biofireplace with TÜV has an reinforced special chamber that prevents pouring fuel as a result of accidental overflow. It also has a indicator of maximum biofuel rate and the absorbing insert, that reduces consumption and protects against spills as a result of tilting the device (even with burning fuel in a container). Extinguishing the flame in biofireplace is realized through the use of movable cursor, which can be locked by using a special handle supplied with the unit. In addition to the set 2 mounting rawlplugs are added.




Product Note Status Price
Biofireplace - Fuel Biofireplace - Fuel
£9.50 / bottle(s) *
Biofireplace - Aromatic Fuel Forest Biofireplace - Aromatic Fuel Forest
£10.50 / bottle(s) *
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